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The Mover trike m2626 has a 500 pound weight limit.
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HP Velotechnik

Industrial Tricycles
Industrial W/Cabnet Tricycle
Industrial W/Platform Tricycle
Industrial W/Basket 26" Tricycle
Cargo Tricycle
Hefty Hauler Tricycle
Atlas Deluxe Tricycle
Atlas Cargo Tricycle
Worker Tricycle
EZ Roll Regal Platform Tricycle
Desoto Platform Tricycle

Mover Tricycle
Adaptable Tricycle
WTC 4x4 Tricycle
Front-Load Tricycles
Delivery Tricycle

Recreational Tricycles
Terratrike Rover Recumbent
Joyrider Highback Recumbent
Joyrider Recumbent Tricycle
EZ Roll Regal Tricycle
Sun Traditional Tricycle
Desoto Classic Tricycle
Pav-3 Recumbent Tricycle
Lightning Folding Tricycle
Double Joyrider Tricycle
Team Dual Tricycle
Family Dual Chariot Tricycle
Parent Child Chariot Tricycle
Tri-Tandem Tricycle
Kettwiesel Trailer
Greenspeed Anura Recumbent
Villager Recumbent Tricycle
Fun Cycle Tricycle
Banana Peel Tricycle
Mini Peel Tricycle
Low Rider Tricycle

High Performance Tricycles
ICE Adventurer Recumbent Trike
ICE Adventure HD Recumbent
ICE Sprint Recumbent Trike
HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 26
HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS
HP Velotechnik Scorpion FX
HP Velotechnik Scorpion
HP Velotechnik Gekko FX 26
HP Velotechnik Gekko FX
HP Velotechnik Gekko
Edge E2 Folding Recumbent
Greenspeed Magnum Trike
Greenspeed Anura Trike
Catrike Expedition Trike
Catrike Road Recumbent Trike
CatrikeVillager Recumbenrt Trike
Catrike Trail Recumbent Trike
Sun T3 CX Tadpole Recumbent
Sun EZ-3 SX Tadpole Recumbent
Sun EZ-3 USD HD Trike
Sun Eurus Recumbent Trike
Sun X3 AX Recumbent Trike
Sun EZ-3 SX Recumbent Trike
Sun EZ-Tri Classic SX Trike
Trident Spike Recumbent Trike
Trident Stowaway 1 Recumbent
Trident Stowaway 2 Recumbent
Trident Titan Recumbent
Trident Transport Recumbent
Trident Chameleon Recumbent

Special Needs Tricycles
Ricksycle Tricycle
Terratrike Tandem Recumbent Trike
Team Dual Trike
Double Joyrider Trike
Joyrider Highback Recumbent
Joyrider Recunbent Trike
Hp Velotechnik Scorpion Plus 20
Hp Velotechnik Scorpion Plus 26
EZ Roll Regal Platform Trike
EZ Roll Regal Trike
Desoto Platform Trike
Desoto Classic Trike
Hefty Hauler Trike
Worker Trike
Lightning Trike
Desoto Classic Electric Trike
Joyrider Electric Recumbent
Junior Joyrider Trike
Pav-3 Recumbent Trike
Tri-Tandem Trike
Low Rider Trike
Surrey Single Bench Classic
Parent Child Chariot Trike
Family Dual Chariot Trike
Fun Cycle Trike
Banana Peel Trike
Mini Peel Trike
Hand Cycle Low Tricycle
Hand Cycle Tricycle
Hand Cycle Sun HT-3 Trike
T-450 Hand Cycle
Greenspeed Magnum Hand Cycle

Recumbent Bicycles
HP Velotechnik Streetmachine Gte
HP Velotechnik Grasshopper fx
HP Velotechnik Speedmachine
HP Velotechnik Sprint

4 Wheel Bicycles
Surrey Single Bench Ultimate
Surrey Double Bench Ultimate
Surrey Triple Bench Ultimate
Surrey Sirenetta
Surrey Delphino

Vending Tricycles
Hot Dog Tricycle
Ice Cream Tricycle 12V
Ice Cream Freezer Tricycle
Ice Shaver Tricycle

Heavy Duty Two Wheel Bicycles
Factory Bicycle
Big T Bicycle
INB Bicycle
M2600 Bicycle
ING Bicycle
Low Gravity Front Load Bicycles
Pizza Delivery Bicycles

Medium Weight Two Wheel Bicycles
Factory Bicycle
Factory Unisex Bicycle

Light Weight Two Wheel Bicycles
Easy Boarding Top 3 Bicycle
Easy Boarding 7 Bicycle
Easy Boarding Light 8 Bicycle
Easy Boarding Superlight 8
Easy Boarding Cruiser Bicycle

Price List Parts
Trailmate Small Parts
Industrial Price List Parts
Sun Tricycle Parts

Other Stuff
Safety Accessories
Parking Stands
Car Racks
Older Models & Discontinued
Garage Sale

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INDUSTRIALBICYCLES.COM has the largest selection of Industrial bicycles, industrial tricycles, three wheel bicycles and adult trikes found on the net.
We were Featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal You can read the article below
Older Adults Spend Thousands on Tricycles

Tricycles are so hot that some of them are selling for thousands of dollars. But the new three-wheelers aren’t designed for tykes. They’re for grown-ups.

37 Different trike on our showroom floor available for test rides.

We are the largest seller of industrial bicycles and tricycles on the net and can adapt most of them for special needs individuals and handicapped users.


Discover the fun of cycling with your entire family, from tots to grandparents. Our staff members live cycling and are ready to share their tips and how-to with you.

We have been in business since 1935 and we carry the world's largest selection of quality two, three, four wheel bicycles We have the knowledge to help you find the right one.

The best deal is a bike that fits your needs, your body and your budget. At you can expect real value in any product we sell.

Pedal Power Vs. Problem Power
There are many choices in industrial personnel moving - but, in so many cases, only one that makes sense: Pedal Power.
Electric vehicles get more expensive to run each year as energy cost continue to escalate. And the mere oversight of a failure to plug in a vehicle at night means unproductive downtime the next day. Battery replacement is costly and disposal is dangerous and difficult, requiring special handling. All in all, not an economical alternative.
Gasoline and propane vehicles present their own array of problems, unhealthful and unwanted fumes being the most obvious. And fuel powered vehicles require costly and constant maintenance, as well as presenting the risk of fuel spillage - or worse.
Pedal Power is, of Course, free from fuel costs and hazards. And it actually requires less physical demands than walking. It's healthful, and most importantly, it's productive.

Check out a list of some of the companies using our industrial bicycles

DuPont American Airlines Chrysler
Union Carbide Delta Airlines Toyota
Tenneco KLM Airlines Pizza Hut
Westinghouse Wesso Industries K-Mart
Beatrice Foods General Motors Mobil
Boeing Ford Motor IBM
Hyatt Hotels McDonald Douglas Xerox
General Dynamics Standard Oil U.S. Army
Grumman Columbia Pictures U.S. Navy
Reynolds Metals Caterpillar Tractor U.S. Air Force
Alcoa Goodyear Tire U.S. Post Office
3M Airborne Express Sears Roebuck
Exxon International Paper Anheuser-Busch
Getty Oil Proctor & Gamble Weyerhaeuser

Frontload trike is ideal for moving big payloads


Many people refer to them as "Truck Bikes"

Adult tricycles come in many types and styles, we have three wheel bikes for people as young a five years old, four wheel bikes for people who wish to ride with a friend, industrial bicycles for factory type uses and adult tricycles just for fun.

Recumbents, Recumbents, Recumbents are the next big thing in trikes.  Please visit our tricycle show room in Dearborn Michigan.  Our goal is to be the best and largest tricycle seller in the world.  We sell trikes from HP Velotechnik, Ice Trikes, TerraTrike, Catrike, Greenspeed, Trident, Hase, Worksman, Trailmate, Husky and Sun trikes.  We have over 400 trike in stock and can custom build a trike to your special needs.

Our most popular folding trikes are HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS, Scorpion FX, ICE Trike Adventure FS, Adventure RS, Sprint FS, Sprint RS, Trident Spike and Stowaway
Our most popular non folding trikes are Terratrike Rover, Rambler, Sportster, Trailmate Meteor, Catrike Villager, Expedition, Road

Our most popular trike for rider over 350 Lbs are our Terratrike Rover, Greenspeed Magnum, Husky, T-124C, T-326 Worksman PAV3 

Call Toll Free (800) 561-6670
or (313) 565-8635

Shop over 30,000 Bicycle part on our web site

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