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Trident Trikes
Trident trikes are excellent valued and come packed with many features for a reasonable price.
Trident Spike Trike Trident Stowaway 1 Trike Trident Stowaway 2
Trident Spike Details Click Here Trident Stowaway Details Click Here Trident Transport Details Click Here
  Trident Chameleon
Trident Titan Details Click Here   Trident Chameleon Details Click Here

Incredible value for cheep, high seat, upright seat position and a folding frame.

Stowaway: Sleek and fast with a nice adjustable seat, folding frame and lots of accessories stock.

Transport: Trident flagship trike, only 39 Lbs. and available in 20'' or 26'' rear wheel.

Titan: Designed for extra large people the titan has a 400 Lbs. capacity, wide handlebars and seat, with a folding frame.

Chameleon: Not only twice the fun but it come with a special frame that can be decoupled for transportation