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    The Trailmate EZ Roll Regal adult tricycle is packed full of comfort features. The Trailmate EZ Roll Regal is low maintenance, easy-to-pedal and come with a super wide lawn tractor style seat. The seat is so wide that some people refer to as a couch attached to a trike. Some of the othe features that set the EZ Roll Regal appart is the adjustable length frame for different height riders. The Trailmate EZ Roll Regal has all the features you need to make getting out and about a wonderful experience.


    Unique high-back tractor-style seat provides maximum comfort and support.

    Adjustable frame for a perfect custom fit

    User-friendly V-brake system

    Thoughtful details like chrome front fender, rear basket, plus a full reflector package

    Handles easily, fits through standard doorways


    Size: 43" H x 74" L x 28" W

    Weight Capacity: 250lbs.(approx.)

    Wheel Sizes: 24"

    Standard Colors: red, blue, green, purple

    Trike Weight: 65 Lbs.
    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
    Davenport, Ia

    EZ Roll Regal

    <p>I rode one like this in the plant I worked in. You sit up high. I adjusted the frame out to the longest setting. I bought the single speed. It’s nice. I like the tractor seat.</p>

    Jacksonville FL

    EZ Roll Regal

    <p>Purchased my EZ Roll Regal in the summer and have been riding it religiously almost every day. I feel the trike is made well and is sturdy enough for my 250Lbs body. I purchased the three speed version and added tire liners as well to prevent getting a flat tire. The frame on my trike is adjustable in length, I have it adjusted all the way out because I am tall. I also chose the mag wheel which do not rust, I live fairly close to the ocean and everything made of steel seams to get rusty a bit quicker around here. I chose the EZ Roll Regal because it had the largest seat on the market. I thought larger the better right? But I was wrong, I am not a fan of the seat. The seat is not contoured for the bottom side of your leg which is a problem. When you are pedaling and the pedal is at the bottom of the pedal strike the sharp front edge of the seat becomes uncomfortable on the bottom side of your leg. I did angle the front of the seat down a bit which did help with the bottom of my leg. I also thought the back on the seat would give me some support but it does not come up high enough. If I had to but again I would have purchased the Desoto Classic with contoured set and added a back rest to the seat.</p>