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Deluxe Fender Installation Manual Deluxe 26" Wheel Fender Installation Manual
Rambler Manual Rack Upgrade Instructions
Rover Tandem Manual Printable Specifications Chart
NEW Rover Owners Manual | Old version CatEye Computer Installation Manual
TerraTrike Owner's Manual Presta Valve Operation Instructions
TerraTrike Dealer Assembly Manual * How to change a tube on a TeraTrike
Rack Installation Instructions 26" Rear Wheel Extension Instructions - Zoomer
Locking Brake Lever Instructions 26" Rear Wheel Extension Instructions - Cruiser/Tour
Fender Installation Instructions Alpaca Carrier Manual- 1.25" model
Headrest Installation Instructions Alpaca Carrier Manual- 2" model
Warranty Registration Card Rover Accessory Mount Installation Instructions


TerraTrike 3.6 Owner's Manual TerraTrike 3.3 Owner's Manual
TerraTrike 3.5 Owner's Manual TerraTrike 3.2 Owner's Manual
TerraTrike 3.4 Owner's Manual Evolution of the TerraTrike


Rover Assembly (Part 1)

Rover Assembly (Part 2)

Disassembling a Rover
(With a Hula Dancer)
Adjusting Your Trikes Rear Wheel
(With a Sumo Wrestler)
Handlebar Adjusting
(With Spiderman)
Adjusting a Sturmey Archer Hub
(With Darth Maul)
Basic Trike Maintenance
(With a Chicken)
Changing an Innertube
(With Wall-E)
Adjusting a Derailleur
(With Mr. Bill)
Aligning Your Trike
(With a Baby Buddha)

Truck (Fully Assembled)
Truck Shipping

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