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      If you've got something heavy to move, the Atlas Cargo Trike can transport it. Our famous trike design is built with oversized, heavy duty, high-tensile steel and is equipped with a reinforced rear deck meant for hauling loads up to 250 lbs. The Atlas Cargo Trike comes standard with tall handlebars, a soft riding saddle, and a rear band brake for extra stopping power. Our Safety Yellow gloss paint helps make sure you are seen in any setting. Now let's get to work!

    • Heavy duty high-tensile steel Low-Step frame
    • Single-speed drivetrain (Additional gearing options available separately)
    • Alloy linear-pull front hand brake and rear band brake with parking locks (Additional brake options available separately)
    • 3-piece steel crankset with sealed cartridge bottom bracket
    • Heavy duty steel rims with 12g stainless steel spokes
    • 24" x 2.125" heavy duty knobby tires
    • 9" hi-rise steel handlebar and stem with rubber grips
    • 9" hi-rise steel handlebar and stem with rubber grips
    • Steel chain guard and nickel plated front fender
    • Heavy duty steel cargo deck with viny top
    • 500 Pound Limit (250 Rider & 250 Cargo)
    • 500 Pound Limit (250 Rider & 250 Cargo)
    • 500 Pound Limit (250 Rider & 250 Cargo)
    • Unisex
    • 24"
    • Safety Yellow

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      Sun bicycle have been building quality adult tricycles for over forty years and has become the largest seller of adult tricycles in the world. I personally know Jack and Ben, the owners at Sun Bicycles, and there are no harder working guys in the bike business. Sun Bicycle’s philosophy has always been to offer good quality products at a low price and then stand behind the product. The Sun Atlas is Sun’s most durable industrial tricycle.

      Frame: The frame on the Sun Atlus Cargo is MIG welded together in Taiwan and has a 500 Lbs. capacity. The frame is easily put together by bolting the rear section to the front by using four bolts. The Atlas has a rear platform that bolts directly to the rear frame for carrying your cargo.

      Gearing: The stock set up of the Sun Atlus Cargo is a one speed freewheel. Most factory and industrial users will add the coaster brake kit to the trike so the trike can be stopped by pedaling a quarter turn backwards with the pedals. Sun also offers a three speed and five speed coaster brake kit which is a nice addition of you have to ride up a ramp or hill.

      Braking: The Sun Atlus Cargo uses a “V” style front brake which is welded to the fork of the trike. The “V” brake come with oversize brake pads and can stop the trike more than sufficiently. The rear brake is a band brake which has a disc on the rear axle and a bad that squeezes down on the disc when you wish to stop. Band brakes are very popular in Asia and third world countries because of there simplicity and reliability.

      Seat: Big, oversize and with springs, all of our trike tester feel the stock seat is of good quality and more than comfortable enough.

      Ride: We like the ride on the Sun trikes. The cranks are positioned a bit farther forward and gives the Atlus Cargo a more recreational feel and adds stability. While moving the cranks farther forward helps stability it also make riding the trike standing a bit more awkward. The Atlus Cargo handing is precise and predictable and all of our testers thought Sun has offered up a good designed product.

      Wheels: Sun offers only one wheel set for the Atlas Cargo it is a steel set of wheels with extra thick spokes.

      Other Stuff: Large rear platform, front fender and reflector set are included.

      Pros: The Atlas Cargo brings safety, durability and stability to everyone who rides this well built trike. Features sealed crank, headset and rear axle bearings, extra wide saddle with springs, heavy duty platform The frame is Mig welded together and the construction is solid. The paint is applied evenly and consistently and should last for the life of the trike.

      Cons: You have got to like safety yellow or you are out of luck.

      Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
      Elkart In

      More efficient

      <p>We have been pleased with the durability of the Atlas Cargo Trike. We have had our Trike three months and have had no problems with the trike. We use it for moving around our warehouse and carrying small items in the rear basket which we added. The trike make our warehouse more efficient because we can now get from place to place much faster.</p>

      Bozeman Montana

      Maintenance trke

      <p>Purchase our second Atlas Industrial Tricycle from We have had our first trike for nine months and it has given us very good service. We have a small manufacturing facility and we use the trike every day for hauling tool boxes and small parts for our maintenance personnel. The trike has made our company more efficient beings we can fix the things that we need fixed faster.</p>