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** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Comfort is a given: The rear suspension swing arm glides smoothly over sticks and stones. Effortless errands: Your groceries will fit easily into the Lepus "trunk" behind the seat. The optional 40-liter pannier will keep your purchases dry in any weather. Trike to go: Just fold the seat and rear triangle forward, and the comfort giant will fit into almost any trunk …
XXL: seat extension

More space - more comfort. This option gives you extra room on the seat or seatback.

Rear Cargo Bag


Rear Suspension

Lepus catalog section
(PDF, 196 KB)



Color and Speeds
Computer/Light Caddy
Front Light Super Bright L.E.D $26.99 #57211
Front Light L.E.D Flashing $19.99 #94557
Rear Light L.E.D $19.99 #96496
Foot Retention $64.99
Computer $17.40
Reflector Set $9.99
Flag $14.99 #93489
Carrier Trike $369.99
Easy Load Rack System $399.99
Carrier Platform $849.99


Total length: 70"-87" (177 cm - 221 cm)
Luggage bag (optional): Hase / Ortlieb 50 l
Lighting system: Busch & Müller, Dynamo: Dymotec 6, Taillight: Topflight Flat plus, Headlight: Lumotec Fly
Suspension: Air adjustable
Fenders / Luggage rack: SKS / Hase cargo net
Crankset: Truvativ ISO flow 32 tooth
Gears: Nexus 8-speed Premium hub gears
Wheels: 20", Hub: Hase, Rims: double wall with eyelets, Spokes: DT Swiss, Tires: Schwalbe Marathon
Brakes: Rear: Magura Big hydraulic disc brakes, Front: Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes with parking brake mechanism
Weight without bag: 56 lbs (25.5 kg)
Front boom: 25 CroMo4
Frame: 25 CroMo4
Wheelbase: 48" - 65" (122 - 166 cm)
Pack size: 22" x 33" x 42" (56 x 85 x 107 cm)
Bottom bracket height: Low 20" (50 cm)
Seat height: Adjustable from 20" - 28" (50 - 70 cm)
Total height: Variable 32" - 43" (82 - 110 cm)
Total width: 33" (85 cm)
Colors: Royal green / powder coated, other colors available upon request

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Speed drive (=18 gear)
Two additional gears in bottom bracket. Swiss high tech allowing for a higher gear ratio than a crank with three chain wheels. The Speed-Drive is operated with the heel. Gear ratio: 1.Gear - 1,59 m / 19.9 inches (equals 36 teeth) 18. Gear - 8,1 m / 102.5 inches (equals 60 teeth)
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Tandem coupling KettWiesel
With this hitch, 2 Kettwiesels can be combined to make a tandem. After removing its front wheel, a second Kettwiesel is mounted on the hitch of another one. The result: a tandem of a special kind!
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Luggage bag, 30 liters
For long journeys we recommend our hase luggage bag. it is attached behind the seat and fastened with a belt. Highly durable Cordura guarantees longevity and rain protection. Includes reflector stripes.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Hydraulic Magura disc brakes
Well controllable, strong thanks to hydraulics. The hydraulic disc brake Magura Julie allows you to stop on the spot any time.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Child crank (140 mm or 110 mm)
In the smallest frame adjustment of the Kettwiesel, the child cranks can be used to transform the Kettwiesel into a trike for your children. A recumbent trike that grows with them. Once they have tried it the kids never want to leave it again!
We recommend our Lowrider front bag for tour luggage. Two Lowrider bags can be mounted at the front. Luggage storage at the front fork ensures an optimal weight distribution.
Rohloff 14 gear or Shimano Nexus 8 gear. When equipped with internal gear hubs, the gears of our bikes can also be switched while standing, e.g. at a traffic light. Additionally the Rohloff Speedhub offers a very large gear range comparable to a 27-speed derailleur system.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Handbike for Kettwiesel / Lepus / Pino
Ideal for wheelchair riders who enjoy motion and speed. Due to the rear driven wheels it is possible to mount an electric assistance in the front wheel. In contrast to handbikes on wheelchairs, the front wheel of our handbike never slips. The handbike can also be used as a tandem with a second Kettwiesel.
Can be fitted to foot contours. Velcro tape and side plates secure the foot on the pedal. The foot can be secured in the desired position and be turned within an angel of 35 degree. Useful for physical disabilities. Also available as a child version.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Special pedal with calf support
Same function as special pedal with added possibility to secure the calf, when it needs guidance. With wide and flexible adjustment.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Pedals with hook
Strap and rubber ribbon for simple securing, to lightly support the feet and avoid slipping down. A good alternative to click pedals, for example on recumbent bikes - like at the front of the Pino, on the Trets etc.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Crank arm shortener
Decreases the pedal circle and therefore is suitable for people whose leg stretching is limited or those with unequal legs. If the leg's movability is trainable, the adjustment of the crank arm shortener allows for gradual increase of the pedal circle and therefore optimized training results. For children in growth the crank arm shortener allows a continuous adjustment to their body size.
If the ability to bend the leg is significantly inhibited, the Pedal Pendulum enables bicycling again, since only slight bending of the leg is required
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Lap belt / suspender belt
Safety belts securing lap or shoulder region.
Holder for Crutch / walking stick
Consists of a holder and a securing clip. The walking aid can easily be secured with one hand.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Lowered front boom (Kettwiesel / Lepus)
Front boom is lowered by 10 cm / 4 "; mounting becomes easier and pedaling angle lower.
16" front wheel
Lowers the front by 6 cm - helpful for kicking down and allows easier mounting.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Special handlebar (Kettwiesel / Lepus)
Extends the steering system up to 80 cm / 32" upwards.
Direction indicators
Electric indicators with switch at the handlebar
Electric Assistance
Electric Assistance to help on longer tours.
Seat or back extensions
Extends the seat 70 mm / 2.8". Or 70 mm / 2.8" higher back for more back support
Pedal-back brake
If the leg's physical function is better than that of the arms, a pedal-back brake can be very useful. Lepus and Kettwiesel with pedal back brakes cannot be pushed backwards. Consists of a freewheel at the Bottom Bracket and a hydraulic brake.
Fenders plastic with loading space +1,46 kg /+3,22 lbs $299.00
Rack Pack Ortlieb bag Quick Release $114.00
Lighting system B&M Fly Halogen headlight, Dymotec dynamo, rear with led stand light +0,35kg/+0,77 lb $145.00
Lighting system SON hub dynamo, B&M IQ Fly Senso Plus,"Lepus(22378) "Lepus Comfort(22589) $439.00
Suspension shock absorber Magura MX (e) $389.00
Suspension fork (black) +0,79 kg / +1,74 lbs / not for Lepus Comfort , 16" fork (e) $269.00
Titanium frontboom / weight advantage -0,51kg /-1,12 lbs (e) $209.00
Titanium seat frame / weight advantage -0,7kg /-1,54 lbs (e) $549.00

Bar end shifter end derailleur control Dura Ace 9x / not for hub gearing (e)

Gear 9-speed derailleur/ weight advantage -0,11 kg / - 0,24 lbs (e) $-329.00
Gear Speed drive, two gears in bottom bracket +0,32 kg / +0,7 lbs / not for Rohloff (e) $599.00
Internal gear hub 14-Gear Rohloff-Hub +1,86 kg / +4,1 lbs $1290.00
Crank length 115mm(e)/not for speed drive derailleur+Rohloff 52Z(23313) " /Nexus 32Z(23315) " $29.00
Crank length special sizes / not for Speed drive (e) $77.00

XXL Tires: Big Apple 60-406 back, Contact 47-406 front, Rims DP24 (e)

XXL: extra wide seat (70 mm / 3 inch wider) +0,1 kg / 0,22 lbs (e $169.00

XXL: seat extension 70mm / 3 inch +0,22kg/+0,48 lbs seat " top "

XXL: longer handlebar ends (+ 10 cm) +0,1 kg / 0,22 lbs $19.00

Front rack 10mm Alloy tube black +0,28kg / +0,61 lbs / not with suspension or 16" fork


Differential +0,58 kg / +1,27 lbs (e)

Rear view mirror Busch & Müller +0,06 kg / +0,13 lbs $22.90
universal mount (for computer, GPS, light) $64.00
Special pedal with calf support +1kg/+2,2 lbs left (22489) " / right (22488) " $139.00
Adjustable platform pedals +0,34kg/+0,75lbs $99.00
Pedals with hooks and heel straps +0,086kg/+0,19lbs $24.00
Special pedal for children with calf support +073kg/+1,62Ibs $139.00
Adjustable platform ped. for children calf support +0,26kg/0,57Ibs $99.00
Ped. with hooks + heel straps for children+0,058kg /+0,13Ibs $24.00
Crank arm shortener +0,16kg / +0,35 lbs $69.00
Pedal pendulum incl. crank arm shortener +0,36kg/+0,79 lbs $129.00
Headrest $129.00
Lap belt +0,14kg / +0,31lbs $34.00
Suspender belt (incl. Lap belt) +0,24kg/+0,53lbs $69.00
Armrest for Lepus $229.00
Holder for walking stick +0,08kg/+0,18lbs $74.00
One-hand operation(e) $119.00
Back-pedal brake (Lepus cannot be moved backwards) (e) $499.00
Special handle bar / Steering with shoulders $249.00

Direction indicator


Front wheel 16", BB 6 cm lower

Lower front boom, inc 16" front wheel = bb 16cm lower $235.00

Handbike option Lepus (incl. Mountain drive/ seat extension) +4,8kg/+10,6Ibs (e) royal green

Special color handbike option Lengthening of the delivery time ca. 2 weeks color RAL number $99.00
short crank lenght150mm (Standard is 174mm) (e) $59.00
Electric drive with Lithium Ion accu +7kg /+15,43Ibs(e)/ not with SON, suspension fork $1990.00
Shipping Lepus from Germany to USA $195.00


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