Hp Velotechnik Gekko Fx 26 Folding Recumbent Trike

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The Hp Velotechnik Gekko FX 26 Recumbent trike attention to detail is fantastic and is really fun to ride, The Gekko FX 26 has a very tight turning radius, responsive steering, and good behavior on descents. It feels glued to the ground on fast curves and give the rider a feel of confidence and safety. Getting in and out of the seat is simplified by a higher (13 2/3" 35mm) seat height the swept-back cross members of the frame, allowing riders to get their feet well under them. The Gekko FX 26 tips the scale to only 15.8Kg thanks to its aluminum frame.
The Gekko FX 26 folds so simply, with just two quick-release levers, and, more importantly, that you do not have to remove the seat. The Gekko FX 26 folds fastest than any trike on the market so you can easily take it with you. The seat simply folds down using a hinge where the seat back meets the seat pan and the back half of the frame simply folds under the front oft the trike without removing any of your accessories

Hp Velotechnik Gekko Fx 26

seat height35 cm
pedal axle height43 cm
seat angle
wheel size20" (ISO 406) front,
26" (ISO 559) rear
max. tire width5 cm / 2"
width83 cm
length187–219 cm
height83 cm
folding systemHP Dual Flat Fold D.F.F.
size folded107 × 83 × 58 cm
wheel base114 cm
track width78 cm
turning circle4,65 m diameter
ground clearance13 cm
handlebar width58 cm
weightfrom 16,7 kg
max loadmax. 130 kg
frameAluminium 7005T6 heat treated
phosphated and
Magma Red
Deep Blue
custom color
rider heightmin. ca. 1,60 m
max. ca. 2,00 m
X-Seam min. 0,895 m*
X-Seam max. 1,22 m
Frame Warranty10 years

AdultTricycleReview.com Review

Hp Velotechnik Gekko FX 20 And Gekko FX 26 Posted on November 8, 2015

The Hp Velotechnik 2016 Gekko FX 20 and Gekko FX 26 are non suspended aluminum folding trikes. Hp Velotechnik claims the trike can be folded as fast as 7-8 seconds but as fast as I could do it, is ten seconds. I know what you are thinking, my wife thinks I should be able to get jobs completed around the house faster than they happen, just like folding this trike. I guess I am about two seconds off the back on more than one thing in life. There are two ways to get a Gekko from Hp Velotechnik. You can get a highly customized Gekko FS 20 or Gekko FX 26 from Germany or the same trike in the USA but with only a few options. The Gekko from Germany will cost you a bit more but you can get it the way you like.
Frame: The frame on the Hp Velotechnik Gekko’s are beautifully constructed. The TIG welding on the Aluminum frame is consistent and smooth, I found no gaps in the welding or imperfections. I would say it is as perfect as it gets. The hinge is very solid and well made, we got zero flex out of the hinge in our testing. The Gekko FX 20 and Gekko FX 26 both have a flat fold design. The seat does not have to be removed like other trikes on the market. The rear of the trike folds uniquely under the trike rather than on top of the trike, like most brands.
Paint: The paint was very nice. The paint was applied evenly and consistently with no thin spots or runs. The paint looked to be very generously applied. The paint looked to be a candy apple paint job, where you are looking through the red to the silver primer below. The paint job looked to be very high quality and should last the life of the trike, easily.
Drive Train: The Gekko FX 20 and Gekko FX 26 comes with a SRAM X4/X5 twenty four speed drive train and grip type shifters. The stock 24 speed drive train gives most riders enough gears to conquer just about any hill they can find. Hp Velotechnik chose a Truvativ ISOflow alloy crank 170 mm long with 52/42/30 chain rings and a sealed Truvativ bottom bracket.
Brakes: The brakes are Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes which do a fine job stopping the trike. Not only does the Avid brakes work very well, but the brake pads are readily available at most bike shops. The brake levers have a parking lock where there is a button on the brake lever that you can push and lock the brake in the on position.
Seat: The bottom of the seat is in a fixed position with a reciprocated breathable foam pad for extra comfort. The seat back mesh is very breathable, the seat back angle can be adjusted from 33-42 degrees. The extra side padding not only gives extra conform but also helps hold the rider in the seat better. I liked the extra padding on the seat fabric and the straps to hold the seat fabric to the seat frame were easily adjustable. The breathable mesh seat fabric can accommodated people up to 287 Lbs.
Ride: The ride, well if I had to use one word, it would be awesome or maybe comfortable or maybe spirited, or maybe fun, or maybe I just could not decide which word to use. The Gekko FX 20 and Gekko FX 26 handling is just perfect, back to that one word again. As for the ride between the Gekko FX 20 and Gekko FX 26, I would say close. The Gekko FX 26 has a slightly smoother ride due to the larger 26 inch rear wheel. The 26 inch rear wheel will also give you a higher range on all your gears but you have to decide which is the best choice for you, 20 or 26 inch. As for the Gekko FX 20, the 20 inch rear wheels advantages can be that it will be easier to climb a very steep hill due to the lower gear ratio or the 20 inch rear wheel. Other advantages are the Gekko FX 20 fold smaller, is a bit lighter and the 20 inch rear wheel will be stronger that a 26 inch rear wheel. With a seat height of 35 cm the Gekko FX has a slightly higher seat height than the ICE Sprint, which is 20 cm and the TW-Bents Artifice, which is 29cm. The Gekko’s come with Schwalbe Tryker front tires, which have a very good roll and still offer a good amount of flat tire resistance and comfort.
Accessories: There are lots of options available for the Gekko Trike. The most popular accessories are rear rack, neck rest, B and M mirrors, and mudguards. Other popular accessories are safety flags, front and rear lights, and motor kits.
In Conclusions: If you want a trike without a suspension, simply you can not go wrong with either one of the Gekko FX 20 or Gekko FX 26.
Pros: Quality, attention to detail and just perfect handling, only 34.8 Lbs.
Cons: Some people may find the folding under of the rear wheel more difficult to fold than trikes like the Ice Sprint or TW-Bents Artifice.

Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:
Troy Michigan

My Gekko 26

<p>Just like a high performance Mercedes automobile the Hp Velotechnik is super high quality. I did my comparison of the Gekko FX 26 to other trikes in the market and theses are the thing that I feel made the Gekko stand out. 1) Folding, Hp Velotechnik claims it is the fastest trike to fold on the market but just the fact that if folds was important to me. 2) Indirect steering, I rode numerous trikes with both direct and indirect steering and I defiantly liked the trikes with indirect steering better. 3) 26” rear wheel, I wanted a larger wheel to smooth out the ride a bit over the 20” wheel. I live in a relatively flat area so the 26” made more since for me. 4) Quality of construction and components, Hp Velotechnik did not go cheep on the components, just good functioning stuff. The welds on the frame look perfect and must be dun by a machine or an extremely talented welder.</p>

Gary Indiana

Hp Velotechnik Gekko FX 26

<p>I researched long and herd before I pulled the trigger on the Hp Velotechnik Gekko FX 26. I wanted a trike that folded so I could transport the trike in the back of my Ford Escape. My short list of trikes came down to the Catrike 5.5.9 and the Gekko FX 26. I liked both trike, but I seamed to like a number of thing better on the Gekko FX 26. First was the price, the Gekko FX 26 was $760.00 less in price. Second was the Gekko was easier to fold. Third I personally preferred the Indirect Steering on the Gekko over the Direct Steering on the Catrike. I will say that I thought the Catrike felt a tiny bit smoother but that could have been from the Catrike padded seat or slightly lower tire pressure in the tires. I have had my Gekko FX 26 for about six months and have been riding it at my vacation home in Florida. I have put about a thousand mile in the last three months and have been very satisfied with the trike.</p>

Dallas, PA


I liked everything about this trike. Top-shelf quality. Very easy to fold. Rides very well. I liked the grip shifters - they are in a natural hand position for me. I try to ride four times a week.