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Recreational Trikes

The EZ Roll Regal

Desoto_Classic_ Trike

Sun Traditional 24" Trike Details
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EZ Roll Regal Recreational Tricycle Details Click Here Light Weight Desoto Classic Recreational Tricycle Details Click Here
Trailmate Meteor Tricycle
Sun EZ-Tri Classic SX Recumbent Trike Details Click Here EZ-3 USX HD Recumbent Trike Details Click Here Meteor Trike Details
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Trident Spike Trike  Pav3_Trike
Trident Spike Details Click Here Joyrider High Back Special Needs Trike Details Click Here PAV3 Tricycle (Personal Activity Vehicle) Details Click Here
The Side by Side Team Dual Trike


Team Dual Trike Details
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Family Dual Chariot Details
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Parent Child Chariot Details
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The Port O Trike

Tri Tandem Trike

Folding Electric Tricycle Tricycle Details Click Here

Port-O-Trike Folding Recreational Tricycle Details Click Here Tri-Tandem Details
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Recreational Trikes come in many different styles and types and each type can have advantages over another type.  Recumbent trikes are becoming very popular, they are the most stable and efficient type of trikes.  Recumbent trikes offer the most comfortable ride and even are available with suspension.  Many people complain about back and seat issues and the recumbent trikes offer not only the widest seat options but back support as well.  Traditional trikes offer many advantages as well,  traditional trikes are the easiest to get on and off of and typically come with a basket on the back for carrying things.  Traditional trikes appeal to mobility challenged people or people who like the safety and convenience of having that old school coaster brake hub like they had when they were a kid.  Transport your trike today is very easy, you can either choose one of our folding tricycle or choose a tricycle rack which slides inside your trailer hitch for carrying your tricycle on the back of your vehicle.   Many people today are requesting tricycle with electric motors installed.  Most of our tricycles can have an electric motor kit installed to make your cycling more enjoyable.  Our most popular adult tricycle are our TerraTrike Rover, Meteor, EZ Roll Regal, Desoto Classic and Pav3.  Our most popular electric tricycles are our EZ Rider, Team Dual Trike, Tri Tandem and Family Dual Chariot.  Our most popular Special Needs tricycles are the Joyrider, Port o trike, PT, Lightning and Parent Child Chariot.

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